49th Polish Gliding

Championships in Open Class


49th Polish Gliding


in Open Class

Welcome to the TAURON 49th Polish Gliding Championships in Open Class and Qualifications for Club-A in StdB class organized by the Częstochowa Aeroclub at Rudniki EPRU airfield.

28 jun. – 07 jul. 2024

Dear gliding friends,

The EPRU Team cordially invites you to participate in our glider competitions held in 4 classes :

  • Polish Gliding Chamionships in Open class
  • Standard B – including flapped gliders up to ASW-20.
  • Club-A
  • Club-B

A detailed description of the Polish classes can be found below and in Bulletin No. 1.

Our top pilots plan to compete in the Polish Open Class Nationals. It’s a great opportunity for you to improve your IGC and National ranking points.

In 2026, 40th World Championships in the 18m, two-seater and open classes will be held at our airfield.
Our competitions afford a great opportunity to get familiar with the 40th WGC contest area and soaring conditions.

The competition scoring will use the Polish handicap list – see: Download XLS

See Bulletin No. 1 for schedule, fees etc. – see: Download PDF

The following competition will be held in parallel with the Polish Open Class Gliding Championships:


Qualifications for Club-A nationals

Held in Standard B class gliders. Glider handicaps range from 0.920 to 1, i.e. from ASW-15 to ASW-20, including flapped gliders such as DG-200, Mini Nimbus, LS-3, ASW-20. Gliders are permitted to fly with water ballast.


National Gliding Competition, Club A class

classic Club class

National Gliding Competition, Class B Club

older generation gliders. E.g.: Junior, Pirat, Cobra, ASW-15

Fees & prices


Entry Fee

  • 49th PGC in Open class – 210 Euro
  • Standard B class – 185 Euro
  • Club-A class – 175 Euro

Note: €30 discount for Juniors.



250 zł (60 Euro) – gliders with water ballast (Open, Standard B)

220 zł (50 Euro) – Club class


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